Push for Profit

through less use of ingredients  and long shelf-life


The  iSi system’s technology is leading-edge when it comes to yield the highest whipping volume out of fresh ingredients which ensures a substantive reduction in the amount
of ingredients used und thus saves money for each single serving. The iSi system has an airtight seal that allows refrigerated storage of pressurized preparations for days without  additives which ensures  that the remaining preparations, which are of perfect quality, can be consumed without hesitation or hygienic concerns days after and not thrown away. The iSi system is the epitome for smart, dependable, stand- alone appliance when it comes to efficiently whip plant-based or dairy creams, foams, or carbonate drinks which ensures an abundance of pleasant quality moments, that respect resources.


through superior delivering


The iSi system elevates the food & beverages experience with real genuine creations that can be charged  more which ensures varied enjoyment, that guests value very much. The  iSi system is the accurate and smart solution for hot or cold applications by food & beverages – from cream to toppings, soups, sauces, finger food, craft drinks and coffee which ensures limitless creativity for the ultimate taste experience – both visually  and organoleptically. The  iSi system is supported by in-house culinary experts who animate a worldwide network of renowned baristas and highly regarded award-winning chefs which ensures seamless trend scouting and  inspirational cross-fertilization of best practices for fast, made-to-measure local deployment. The  iSi system is by design portable, takes up very little place and can be used front or back of house according to individual needs, surroundings and situations which ensures that barista and chefs can live up their creativity to the fullest and no longer just press a button to get a standard result.

through time savings, labor saving


The  iSi system can be grasped intuitively and stands out due to easy handling which ensures appealing batched servings in no time  without trained specialist staff. The  iSi system allows ahead batch preparation in just a few steps, then a quick dispensing on the spot which ensures you can get by with fewer staffers to dress the portions on the D-day. The iSi system is designed for high-performance and precision work which ensures consistent made-to-order high quality, and fast, flawless, easy dispensing over time.


through long-lasting quality paired with low acquisition and operating costs


The  iSi system is affordable, economical and works without electricity which ensures quick return on acquisition and  low operating costs at times like these. The  iSi system is build stronger from premium stainless steel to last longer and can be maintained with a broad spare parts repository far beyond the warranty which ensures lifelong peace of mind  in terms of carbon footprint and  environmental impact. The iSi system impressed with the perfectly coordinated combination of high-performance devices and smart accessories which ensures high flexibility  on premise and efficient portioning.

iSi Rezepte

Here you can find more recipes.

So delicious - and yet so simple! Our sauces refine your dishes and offer a unique taste experience for your guests.

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“Making hollandaise sauce with iSi is absolutely fail-proof and is prepared in no time at all. Unlike the conventional method, where many mistakes can happen.“

– Rainer Kratzer, R&D Manager iSi Culinary

Tip by the iSi Chefs

Save time and money when preparing your sauces with iSi.

Regardless of whether it is a restaurant, coffeehouse chain, bar, catering or ice cream parlor: The iSi system helps to save money in every kitchen and behind every counter! With less cost of goods, more output or more efficient preparation, more remains in the till at the end of the month.

iSi is a guest at...

We sent our iSi chef Rainer Kratzer into local cuisines and asked: What makes your company so special? How do you use iSi? And: How can we support you? Here we were guests of Zur alten Kaisermühle and were allowed to look into the pots of head chef Manuel Gratzl.