The art of the perfect sauce.

Sauces redefined. Made very easy with iSi.

The perfect sauce is not only art, but above all work - and a lot of attention to detail. With the iSi system you can prepare delicious sauces quickly and easily. In no time at all, classics such as the hollandaise sauce become a light and airy taste experience. No laborious manual beating is required and, depending on the recipe, we guarantee at least double to five times the output with the iSi system. This saves time and cost of goods.


iSi Heroes - heroes of gastronomy

As a long-term partner of the gastronomy, we would like to thank the heroes in the kitchens and behind the counter for their tireless efforts: the iSi Heroes. We know how important it is to save money and be flexible in times like these. We support you with the iSi system! Thanks to our airtight system, we enable efficient mise en place, give flexibility in the kitchen process, facilitate clean portioning, reduce food waste and get more portions. If you would like to know more about our savings tips - click here for our whitepaper.

iSi Recipes

You will find more recipes here.

So delicious - and yet so simple! Our sauces refine your dishes and offer your guests a unique taste experience!

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“Making hollandaise sauce with iSi is absolutely fail-proof and is prepared in no time at all. Unlike the conventional method, where many mistakes can happen.“

– Rainer Kratzer, R&D Manager iSi Culinary

Tip by the iSi Chefs


Save time and money when preparing your sauces with iSi.

Regardless of whether it is a restaurant, coffeehouse chain, bar, catering or ice cream parlor: The iSi system helps to save money in every kitchen and behind every counter! With less cost of goods, more output or more efficient preparation, more remains in the till at the end of the month.

iSi is a guest at...

We sent our iSi chef Rainer Kratzer into local cuisines and asked: What makes your company so special? How do you use iSi? And: How can we support you? Here we were guests of Zur alten Kaisermühle and were allowed to look into the pots of head chef Manuel Gratzl.